BUON NATALE, Key West as it appears in America’s leading Italian food Magazine TASTES OF ITALIA DEC 2013

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Buon Natale Key West 12:13

crazy for italian food

Perdutamente: Crazy For Italian Food

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PERDUTAMENTE: Crazy For Italian Food           Discover Italian Cuisine And Family Life In The 1930′s With James Beard award-winning author Joe Famularo. Joe Famularo,… Read More »

viva la cucina italiana

Viva La Cucina Italiana

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VIVA LA CUCINA ITALIANA Winner of the “Indie Reader Discovery Award”         New cookbook offers total immersion in Italian cooking With James Beard award-winning author… Read More »

A Cooks Tour Of Italy

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A COOK’S TOUR OF ITALY (The Penguin Group, NY, NY, 2003)         FROM THE BOOK: Famous Cookies from Sienna When I was living in the… Read More »

the festive famularo kitchen

The Festive Famularo Kitchen

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  The Festive Famularo Kitchen (Atheneum, New York, NY, 1977) FROM THE BOOK: Fresh Summer Squash with Mint and Honey Zucchini was a staple in our household, summer… Read More »

super meals from supermarkets

Super Meals From Supermarkets

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  SUPERMEALS from SUPERMARKETS (Barrons, Hauppauge, NY, 1990) FROM THE BOOK: Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise An excellent way to add a new taste dimension to bottled mayonnaise. This is… Read More »

vegetables artichokes to zucchini

Vegetables: Artichokes To Zucchini

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  VEGETABLES Artichokes to Zucchini (Barrons, Hauppauge, NY, 1993) FROM THE BOOK: Fennel and Potato Stew Fennel is a fragrant vegetable American should use more often. A large… Read More »