(Barrons, Hauppauge, NY, 1990)


Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise

An excellent way to add a new taste dimension to bottled mayonnaise. This is very tasty with grilled or baked chicken or pork, and in many salads. It may be used as a sandwich spread also. The garlic completely changes from sharp to sweet upon baking.


Imaginative Meals with Minimum Effort

Time-saving techniques for more than 450 recipes.

JOE FAMULARO is the author of several best-selling and award-winning cookbooks including The Joy of Grilling and The Joy of Pasta, the latter coauthored with his sister, Louise Imperiale.

This book is for people who have to do their own cooking – but haven’t much time or energy to spare for kitchen chores. You will learn to use your supermarket so that it helps you prepare imaginative meals with minimum effort.

In this book, you will find time-saving techniques for more than 450 recipes – plus menu suggestions. Both microwave and conventional cooking instructions are provided where applicable. You will prepare delicious and unusual dishes from “ordinary” and easy-to-find supermarket products.

Prepare a wonderful smoked salmon omelet…or poached eggs with a combination of ham, turkey and hollandaise….cheddar cheese corn muffins…oat bread with apricots and walnuts…savory pot roasts – American, Italian, French and German styles…plus great dishes featuring chicken, lamb, pork and beef…desserts and beverages…recipes that rely on your supermarket’s Hispanic and Asian sections, its frozen food section, and fresh fruit and vegetable department.

There is a section on health foods, tables of weights and measures and conversion tables. These are recipes you will want to cook forever!