VEGETABLES Artichokes to Zucchini

(Barrons, Hauppauge, NY, 1993)


Fennel and Potato Stew

Fennel is a fragrant vegetable American should use more often. A large white bulb with pale green feathery leaves, it is NOW appearing in most American supermarkets. It smell like licorice. Here, it is cooked with potatoes and peas to make a simple, delicious stew.


Healthful, Sophisticated, Yet Easy to Prepare

Dishes that will please gourmets and busy homemakers alike.

JOE AND LOUISE have filled their new book with wondrous vegetable recipes – most of them elegant and substantial enough to serve as a main course. The authors have not shunned meat altogether (there’s a superb recipe for Spinach and Veal Loaf, for example). But the starring roles in this cookbook belong to the vegetables, and what stellar examples you’ll find! Stove top, baked, and stuffed vegetables, casserole and covered dishes, tarts and quiches, souffles, pates, terrines, mousses, roulades, crepes, soups and salads – even sandwiches, snacks and pizzas. These aren’t eccentric “vegetarian” concoctions, but healthful, sophisticated, yet easy-to-prepare dishes that will please gourmets and busy homemakers alike. Splendid color photos proclaim the joy of vegetables throughout the book.

Praise for award-winning author Joe Famularo:

“Wonderful! Buy this book for the section on pates and terrines alone and it won’t disappoint. Delightful for those of us who eat our spinach – and other vegetables because we love them, not because we’re told to.

Fred Ferretti, The New York Times

“Whether you’re a confirmed vegetarian or just tired of serving corn or broccoli every night, VEGETABLES, penned by Joe Famularo and Louise Imperiale, brings new zest to daily meal preparation.”

WINNIE BONNELLI, The North Jersey Herald & News